Universe of the olive tree

In ancient times, all around the Mediterranean, olive oil had a significant role in everyday life, not only for seasoning and cooking, but also for medical use and manufacture of beauty products or cosmetics.
extra virgien organic  olive oil
We will discuss two themes in this section:
1 - Health benefits
2 - Properties in cosmetic use
Olive '' Manzanilla cacereña '' variety
1 - Health benefits
Olive oil and health
The virgin olive oil retains all the properties of the fruit from which it originates, namely, flavor, aroma and vitamins. This is the only vegetable oil that can be eaten virgin and crude, and how many people will be tempted by the famous '' pan con tomate '' , with a seasonal tomato, freshly plucked, rubbed on the bread , to which we add this delicious nectar, and if what's more we add a thin slice of Serrano ham, I say nothing more. Ps: I forgot you can also rub the tomato with a good garlic ....
Its calorie content is the same as any other animal or vegetable fat, namely 9 calories per 100 grammes.
Fats or lipids, are nutrients for the body and the tissues in need. Without fat, food could be absorbed. The lipids consist of fatty acids:
- Saturated fatty acids found in animal fats, so in the dairy, and oils of coconut and palm.
- The unsaturated fatty acids found in vegetable oils and fish.
Cholesterol is a fatty substance contained in animal fats. The fat and cholesterol to be transported by the blood, combine with proteins forming an association called''molecular''lipoprotein.
The small density protein (LDL) bad cholesterol
The protein of high density (HDL) good cholesterol
Can you cook olive oil extra virgin?
Olive oil is an ideal oil for fries. Thanks to its high oleic acid, one of the highest rates just after that of hazelnut oil. This oil to smoking point very high (210 degrees). So if it is used in cooking to 180 normal temperature for frying food, it will retain its properties much longer than other oils.
Quote of the OIC on the use of olive oil for cooking: Other benefits of olive oil: forming a layer on the surface of the food that prevents oil from entering in the food and gives a better taste. Foods fried in olive oil have a lower fat content than food fried with other oils, making it the most fat recommended for control of obesity. Olive oil is the most suitable, the lightest and most tasty fries.
These elements on cooking in olive oil are essentially those we find on the website of the International Olive Oil Council (IOOC or ICO International Olive Council) which issues the annual prize Mario Solinas (contest that rewards each year the best oils and opened all the producing countries around the world), and including our oil Maimona''''was rewarded 2 times in this prestigious competition.
2 - Its properties in cosmetic use
The virgin olive oil is a natural product with anti-oxidant due to polyphenols, these organic molecules that provide stability to this precious liquid, and in this it differs from other vegetable oils.
In addition to its antioxidant properties, active ingredients contained in the virgin olive oil, such as glycerin, vitamin E and carotene him bring its moisturizing effect. It can also protect the skin against free radicals, and is not irritating to the skin.
It in effect against premature aging of the skin with vitamins E, carotene, fatty alcohols and its linoleic acid (omega6) it contains.
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