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For a little more than a year now, we also introduce on the markets of Roussillon, the organic produce of Laboratories ARAQUELLE, of Lançon de Provence.
This company, creates in 1986 by Mister Philippe PETIT, its current Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, develops for more than 20 years its activities around the vegetable in particular the biological plants.
mixture herbal tea Tisane romon nature biologique araquelle herbal tea, organic
Complexes herbals tea
'' ROMON NATURE '' : Organic herbal tea (simple or complexes).
The catalogue ARAQUELLE is composed of big 3 family of organic products.
metal box organic herbal tea herbes aromatiques épices  provence d'antan araquelle, boite métal cadeau
'' PROVENCE D'ANTAN '' , the culinary aromatic Organic plantations and Organic Herbal tea.
plantasia, thé bio, araquelle commerce équitable
Plant'Asia, organic Tea
The Image of a Araquelle Company
For the contentment of his whole customers, the quality (aspect and taste) plants uitilisée is the first criterion of selection.
A culture mainly French (in particular in Provence and in the Provençal Drôme) with annual contracts of culture to guarantee the supply necessary for the manufacturing of products, and a just payment for the producers.
In Provence, for year 2009, it is planned to double the cultivable surfaces in Bio! On the Provençal Drôme, 25 farmers live on this culture - 30 different botanical species are so collected on more than 100 hectares, and as city(estate) higher, the prices(prizes) are negotiated by taking into account the just payment for the work of the farmer. A healthy agriculture(farming), without pesticides, without chemical treatment or of synthesis for an Organic natural and guaranteed product.
A social role: '' a fair french trade to the '' . Besides its economic role, ARAQUELLE assures(insures) about fifty jobs(uses) of persons handicaped through 3 CAT(ADULT TRAINING CENTER) (Vocational rehabilitation center) today. The aromatic plants being conditioned(packaged) in these protected studios(workshops) allowing to bring a regular work all year round to these persons living with a handicap and which(who) are very often spread(very often pushed aside) from the world of the work.
The French quality: a specifications assuring(insuring) a quality end product (traceability - control of her(it) guaranteed Bio assured(insured) by ECOCERT) - Contôles additional that is imperative(leads) '' ARAQUELLE '' of whom the content in essential oil, aspect, color and flavor(perfume) of every Organic plant, but also microbiological analyses and controls on possible tracks of residues of pesticides.
It produce themselves who assure(insure) the drying and the beating of plants.
Every exploitation(operation) is equipped with a hairdryer, for a soft and homogeneous drying (shielded from the sun which burns the product). Put on crates, plants are so protected from any bacteriological development.
Then, the beating (evacuation of dusts, foreign elements, earth(ground), pebbles etc.), and the sieving with more than 30 different railings(bars) chosen in functions(offices) of every sort(species) or variety. The vibration of the sieve allows the elimination of the impurities, what makes that after the sieving, only the noble plant is kept(preserved).
The laboratory ARAQUELLE applied for a patent(certificate) for biological herb teas, which integrates(joins) several products of the range.
The logo AB is granted(tuned) to all products containing at least 95 % of Organic ingredients. Numerous rival products of ARAQUELLE use the staying 5 % to add natural aromas.
The politics(policy) of ARAQUELLE is the ORGANIC 100 % OTHERWISE NOTHING!
To obtain flavours as the anise, the lemon, the mint, the jasmine, the orange etc., ARAQUELLE developed a process which allows to make absorb organic essential oil or extracts of organic plants on organic vegetable fibers.
These fibers act as '' a sponge '' , once dried naturally, they hold(retain) the popular flavours. In the contact of the warm water, these flavours are freed(released) for the biggest pleasure of your papillae!. A unique(only) and exclusive patent(certificate) which thus allows to propose you delicious herb teas and Organic 100 %.
Anecdote: in May, 1997, herb teas '' digestive Organic '' and Organic Sleep '' of ARAQUELLE become the first ORGANIC products (biological) to the world to leave in the space, to be consumed in the station(resort) MIR so receiving the scientific gratitude(recognition) as the Bio is healthy.
We are lucky and the pleasure to propose these unique(only) products, several times a week on our markets of Roussillon, in the South of France, near Perpignan. (Pyrénées Orientales).
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